The principles that define Newfold Digital.

Focus on the customer, always 

Customer focus is deeply embedded in our mindset and behaviors, guiding us in all that we do. We exist because our customers trust us with their online needs, and we take their trust very seriously. We know that we all impact customers through our work. That knowledge inspires us to always act with integrity, listen to the customer’s voice and push for the highest professional standards to reliably meet their expectations. 

Act as one team to deliver exceptional results 

Our people are our greatest resource, and they achieve extraordinary results when they work together as one global force. With a shared one-team mindset, we get things done for our customers and have a good time doing it. We are committed to delivering exceptional results for our customers because their success goes hand-in-hand with ours. 

Demonstrate passion for excellence 

We are driven by our passion for helping small businesses thrive online, recognizing that being a "good" company isn’t enough. We enjoy doing everything to the best of our ability and we are committed to the pursuit of excellence in every aspect of our roles. Our passion for excellence drives us to better serve our customers, to deepen our knowledge and to always put forth our finest effort. This is how we become the best! 

Foster a sense of belonging 

We represent a company where people from all different cultures, backgrounds and locations work together with confidence and empathy. As individuals we may have different perspectives and communications styles, but we all feel safe bringing our authentic selves to work and we like to have fun along the way. We encourage openness and honesty, and we thrive in the warmth of compassion, humor, kindness and respect. It is our constant desire to be inclusive and to honor unique talents and ways of seeing the world. The environment of belonging we create establishes a winning culture, breeds innovation and yields strong team performances.