Company Culture

Looking to grow with an innovative web company?

At Group, our culture is driven by purpose and passion. What unites us across the company and around the globe, is a shared set of values and a unified vision. Our team members focus on fulfilling online needs because that’s what we do at Web: we empower success in a connected world.

Web is a unique place to work. We place a premium on creating an inclusive, respectful company culture centered on the belief that our differences make us stronger. We strive to hire, develop and retain talented people who represent our diverse customers. By developing initiatives that focus on the needs, expectations and lives of our people, we’ve created an inclusive environment and company culture where all employees can contribute to their fullest potential. 

Like many other tech companies, we offer a casual and comfortable work environment where you are encouraged to be yourself and excel. This casual atmosphere translates into the way we communicate with each other.


You will see employees from all over the company at a variety of levels and in myriad roles coming together to achieve shared objectives. We work together to impact the way our entire organization thinks and drives business outcomes.


You will attend meetings where people from different teams passionately express differing opinions. Being casual means that you get to express who you are. We feel that's the kind of environment that generates loyalty and innovation. So far, we've been proven right.